ote d’Ivoire or the Ivory Coast has tremendous power in terms of plantation agriculture in coffee and cocoa beans. As a result of this colossal developmental catalyst, Ivory Coast has become the second most powerful economy in Africa, after Nigeria. Ivory Coast has since the 1980s surfaced out of its period of economic stagnation and has seen the recent development of several jobs saturate its human resource market. Numerous Ivorian students look towards Sharda University, based in India, to equip themselves with the degrees and competencies to tap into this growing job market in their home country.

Reason why Ivorian students study abroad

Despite these economic developments in Cote d’Ivoire, there still exists a lack of proper training facilities to equip aspiring Ivorian students to penetrate this job market and the root cause of this is their educational infrastructure that has been inherited from the French system, since Cote d’Ivoire was previously a French colony. This system of education covered 3 years of preschool, 6 years of primary school, 7 years of secondary school, 2+3 years of vocational training, and more than 8 years of higher education and adult education. However, most Ivorians are not able to avail the facilities of higher education mostly due to the high costs of such education coupled with threats of political and inter-ethnic violence that still exists to some extent in the country. Therefore, even though enrollment numbers have surged at the primary education level, these numbers do not carry forward into the domain of higher education. This is simply because Ivorian students seek to escape the aforementioned conditions and educate themselves in more qualitative and affordable environments like that of Sharda University in India.

Benefits of choosing Sharda University for Ivorian students

The Ministry of Technical Education and Professional Training (MTEP) at Cote d’Ivoire, is largely engaged with providing adults the necessary competencies and skills to compete in the promising labour market of the country but lays little focus on nurturing the budding talents in colleges and universities. This is where Sharda University comes in as Ivorian students are welcomed with warmth and love into the campus of this Indian university and it is a place where they can develop themselves in both personal as well as professional facets. Sharda University offers Ivorian students the facilities of a global scholarship so that they are able to ease up on financial strain and study stress-free.

Courses suitable for Ivorian students at Sharda University

The courses like B. Com and M. Com offered at Sharda University are touted to be the most fruitful courses for Ivorian students since they can pursue their careers in financial services and grow themselves to become managing directors and chief executive officers of the future. However, for those Ivorian students who are more inclined to cash in on the job market concerning business, marketing, and sales job roles, Sharda University offers courses in Bachelor of Business Administration in several sectors as well.

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